Handmade beauty and health products from pristine Siberia

The exclusive Siberian brand in Hong Kong. Our core values are:

To selects – exclusive, high standard, natural, healthy ingredients from the heart of Siberia. Handmade with pure wild plants, oils, flowers, and love!
To sustain – all our products and packages are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. We promote a zero- plastic lifestyle.
To protect – only cruelty-free products and ingredients
We share – 10% of the profit with animal welfare charities.

Having Siberian roots, I want to share its unique gifts and benefits with the whole world. Siberia is a unique land. Its territory is larger than China or the United States, but still almost untouched by civilization. Home to lush forests, pristine mountains, and vast plains it has a scale and variety of wilderness like nowhere else on earth. It is a hidden gem of health and beauty. Siberia Botanica is committed to bringing the best hand-made products from local Siberian artisans – to deliver the wilderness to your door.

Siberia Botanica is not just about natural and sustainable soaps, household products, and health products. It’s about a considerate, compassionate, and minimalistic lifestyle. It’s about the environment, human- and animal-friendly consumption. It’s about the right to know about the history and impact of each product you purchase.

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