Handmade beauty and health products from pristine Siberia

The exclusive Siberian brand in Hong Kong. Our core values are:

To selects - exclusive, high standard, natural, healthy ingredients from the heart of Siberia. Handmade with pure wild plants, oils, flowers, and love!
To sustain - all our products and packages are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. We promote a zero- plastic lifestyle.
To protect - only cruelty-free products and ingredients
We share - 10% of the profit with animal welfare charities.

Having Siberian roots, I want to share its unique gifts and benefits with the whole world. Siberia is a unique land. Its territory is larger than China or the United States, but still almost untouched by civilization. Home to lush forests, pristine mountains, and vast plains it has a scale and variety of wilderness like nowhere else on earth. It is a hidden gem of health and beauty. Siberia Botanica is committed to bringing the best hand-made products from local Siberian artisans - to deliver the wilderness to your door.

Siberia Botanica is not just about natural and sustainable soaps, household products, and health products. It's about a considerate, compassionate, and minimalistic lifestyle. It’s about the environment, human- and animal-friendly consumption. It’s about the right to know about the history and impact of each product you purchase.


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Wild plants are the inspiration for our home made products

Cedar is one of the tallest trees in the forests of Siberia, reaching up to 150 feet. It is also a symbol of longevity, some trees reaching 500-700 years old. Cedar oil is recognized as a natural medicine and contains several times more of the necessary vitamin E for the skin than cocoa or olive oil. Natural soap with cedar oil heals and rejuvenates the skin.

Siberians have always valued sagebrush very highly for its healing properties. Cosmetics with the essential oil of sagebrush have the ability to eliminate unpleasant odors and narrow pores. Interesting, that our ancestors believed in the magical power of sagebrush - they thought that it defies evil people and envious people due to its strong aromatic scent.  Hence the name  - Sagebrush Totem for our handmade soap

Chamomile is symbolic  flower of Russian nature. The local population have understood the healing properties of the plant and affectionately called it bride,  or "belushka".  Gentle soap with chamomile oil is suitable for sensitive skin and for children. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Chamomile soap accelerates tissue regeneration, relieves irritation and redness.

Sea buckthorn berries have a complex composition and contain a vast array of essential vitamins. The berries are one of the only plants to contain all four types of omega fatty acids. Buckthorn oil stimulates skin regeneration, helping wounds heal more quickly. 

The flowers open at sunrise and close after sunset announcing the beginning and end of the day.
Calendula has strong antibacterial properties against many pathogens. Calendula is famous for its healing properties. It is useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema and relieving  rashes. 


Every Siberian remembers nettles from the childhood and knows that you cannot touch the nettle plant with your hands. But in Russia nettle has always been valued, as the harsh exterior hides a  caring secret. This plant contains a large amount of nutrients. Herbalists use nettle to treat various scalp and hair problems. Natural nettle shampoo promotes hair growth, fights oiliness, dryness and dandruff, and strengthens hair.


Juniper has been growing on Earth for more than 50 million years, it is primal species, a witness of ancient times. Juniper has long life and can stand up to 600 years. Interestingly, the berries of the plant are actually small green or yellow cones with seeds inside. Juniper needles are disparate in their antibacterial properties. Juniper soap promotes cell regeneration, improves metabolism in the skin, heals wounds and ulcers, fights stretch marks, improves skin elasticity, and eliminates acne


Since ancient times, spruce has been a healing plant in Siberia.  Spruce cones, needles and resin - all have healing properties. The spruce needles contain amino acids and vitamins  -the concentration of which increases towards winter.  Soap with natural spruce improves skin condition and increases the protective functions of the epidermis and revitalizes tired skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, spruce needle oil reduces sweating and and skin irritation.