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What are the benefits of natural homemade soap, and how is it different from industrial?

Undoubtedly, home-brewed soap is healthier than commercially produced soap.

Oils are the key ingredients of soap. Homemade soaps are based on quality oils such as olive, shea, almond, pine, or castor oil which are rarely included as the main ingredients of industrial soaps. They are more expensive and industrial soap manufacturers will choose cheaper synthetic ingredients, or if they are used it is in small quantities so it can be included in the labeling.

Homemade soaps also include herbal and plant infusions, hydrolates, milk, cream, fruit and vegetable juices, essential oils and even wine as a basis for preparing an alkaline solution. And as fillers – herbs, cocoa beans, medicinal clays and mud, fruit and vegetable purees, sea and table salt, tar. All these ingredients give additional caring properties to homemade soap, in addition to its main function of cleansing. We only use natural ingredients that are safe for your skin.

Industrial soaps use fats derived from food waste, as well as cheap vegetable oils such as palm, corn, and rapeseed. Preservatives, antioxidants, antibacterial drugs, plasticizers, synthetic fragrances, and dyes are often added to the soap, along with laureate or sodium lauryl sulfate (the basis of modern liquid soaps and shampoos) which can be unsafe for health. Many industrial cosmetic companies test these chemicals on animals in laboratories, causing unnecessary suffering, cruelty, and deaths.

With regards to the which is better for the environment – solid or liquid – we always choose solid. Liquid soap (shower gel, shampoo) contains aggressive surfactants, which can be harmful to the skin while also polluting the water and soil. In terms of packaging and transportation, liquid soap often uses significantly more plastic packaging and the increased weight requires more energy to transport. So solid soap is a better choice all round. And if you choose between homemade and industrial solid soap, then of course choose homemade!