We Share

What matters to us is not a monetary profit, but what positive contribution to this world we leave behind us. Being huge animal lovers we can not turn away if our small friends are in trouble.
We believe that in order to have a modern, prosperous society, awareness of the natural environment and the ethical treatment of animals is extremely important. With your support we can help even more animals. Currently, we are actively cooperating with the organization called White Fang, which is engaged in the rescue, sterilization and rehoming of stray dogs in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. This cause is very important for us, since this is the hometown of the founder of Siberia Botanica and she personally knows what tremendous help this organization provides to the animals of the city. We share part of our profits with White Fang, as well as other international organizations, who are advocating towards compassionate attutide towards every animal in the world.

Please visit the White Fang Instagram page for more information