Chamomile & Nettle- shampoo bar

Nettle and chamomile have been used for healthy and beautiful hair for a long time. Nettle maintains healthy scalp due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It promotes hair growth normalizes lipid metabolism, has a regenerating effect, fights oiliness, dryness and dandruff, and strengthens hair .

Chamomile soothes the scalp, tones and softens, reduces the appearance of dandruff

Cold pressed milk thistle oil helps restore damaged hair.

Composition: Sodium coco-sulfate, nettle infusion, nettle powder, chamomile hydrolate, cetearyl alcohol, milk thistle oil, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, chamomile extract One small piece weighing 60g. enough for 40-50 applications (this is like 300-400 ml of liquid shampoo)

For our shampoos, we had to use SCS (Sodium Coco-Sulfate), which has contradictory opinions about whether it Is the safest and healthiest ingredient. Though it is considered to be SLS safer alternative, some claim the production method (chemical part) is exactly the same for both surfactants. The only difference is the starting material. For SLS that is lauric acid only (a component of coconut oil), for SCS the starting material is coconut oil as a whole. That being said, the presence of other fatty acids makes SCS slightly less irritating than pure SLS. We have tried different recipes for our shampoo bars and crafted them without any surfactants, however, we could not achieve the same cleansing and caring result. Yet we keep experimenting and aim to craft surfactants-free shampoo bars in the near future.


Paper wrapping can be recycled and jute rope can be composted

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