Cotton bouquet -hydropholic cleansing oil

Hydrophilic oils are a great alternative to soaps, foams and other cleansers. Ideal as a care product for sensitive skin of the face and body. When mixed with water, they form light emulsions, delicately cleansing make-up and impurities while not disturbing the hydro-lipid and ph balance. They give the skin smoothness, softness and elasticity.
Hydrophilic (meaning water-soluble) so called because, when mixed with water, they are easily distributed over the skin, forming a milky emulsion.

Hydrophilic oils are intended for gentle facial cleansing. They are made from very soft vegetable oils, which, in combination with the active components of medicinal plants and essential oils, penetrate the skin and cleanse it without compromising the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. When cleaning, there is no loss of natural moisture of the skin and it does not dry out.
Hydrophilic oil is recommended for all skin types, especially suitable for people who do not respond well to conventional cleaners or have allergic reactions
Composition: Cotton oil, cotton extract, chamomile extract, bidens extract, vitamin E, provitamin B5, castor essential oil, argan essential oil, cromollient SCE

100 ml
We wanted Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and impurities perfectly. Cromollient SCE is an emollient and a diester of adipic acid and an alkoxylated myristyl alcohol, it is what gives COTTON BOUQUET its silken texture when mixed with water. It allows to rinse clean with water without the need for a washcloth for removal
You can read more about the safety of this ingredient here :

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