Dishwashing natural soap

Soap for household needs has a simple composition, which is selected so that the soap gives the maximum amount of foam and well cleans surfaces from contamination.
Household soap should be presented with high requirements, because it take care of our dishes (from which we eat) and our belongings (which we carry). And now in more detail.

Why is it worth switching to a natural dishwashing detergent?
– the cleanliness of the dishes does not change. Natural soap, thanks to natural additives (in this case it is a powder mustard and charcoal) washes dishes cleanly. thanks to the contents of coconut and castor oils, a natural dishwashing soap gives a stable and good foam.
– a natural dishwashing detergent is completely washed off with water.
– safe washing of fruits and vegetables.

– this product does not contain synthetic additives, all the ingredients are known and cannot harm you and your children.
– the soap does not dry the skin thanks to the shea butter added to the composition.
– with this product you can wash dishes even for the smallest children, it is absolutely safe.
– your little helpers too, without fear, can help you wash the dishes.
– this soap does not harm the environment, unlike synthetic detergents.
– this soap is durable and economic

Also, you will not clog the environment with plastic bottles that will decompose for hundreds of years, because a piece of soap is packed in eco-friendly paper.

Ingredients: Castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil, vegetable wax, additionally enriched with shea butter, with the addition of mustard extract and charcoal.
100 gr
Paper wrapping can be recycled and jute rope can be composted

hk$ 60