Gift set III - from Siberia Botanica with love

A set of the best Siberian aromas and beauty made with care and love

1 handmade natural Sagebrush soap – Hot brewed from scratch with sagebrush essential oil and sagebrush flowers.Beautiful style soap with pronounced sagebrush aroma

1 handmade natural Sedar soap – Hot brewed from scratch with cedar essential oil. .Beautiful, stylish soap

2x handmade natural soaps
Pine forest
Gentle chamomile
Juniper grove
1 natural shampoo bar

2 conditioner bars with nettle infusion and chamomile extract, hot brewed from scratch

Our conditioner bars are rich in natural healing oils, they smooth hair, add shine, and improve combability. Contain cold-pressed milk thistle oil to help restore the structure of damaged hair.

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